About Us

We believe in the positive power of fashion – the right outfit can change the way you feel about yourself and how you take on your day.

We get a real buzz from being able to spot the latest items that everyone will want, before they even know they will want them.

It’s a special power that we like to share.

We can show you how to heighten outfits and make them truly yours. So you can get the most out of your clothes by wearing them in different ways, and expressing yourself through your individual style.

Grey and Blush was established by Jem in 2020. She always knew she had a great eye for outfits and a love for how they could make her feel – and she wanted to make other people feel great too. Another big attraction to leaving the 9-5 corporate world and going it alone was the flexibility it could bring to her life. So it’s no wonder she loves flexible outfits.

The best clothes are the most versatile, that you can keep styling and make your own, every time you wear them. Jem’s eye and intuition finds the clothes to change your day, so you can style them your own way.